The Juvenile Great Blue Herons

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gbh61_thumb.jpg 7.2K
Larry, Moe & Curley

gbh43_thumb.jpg 7.6K
Fluffy & hungry

gbh44_thumb.jpg 7.7K
"You look that way
I'll watch over here."

gbh45_thumb.jpg 6.3K
"Aw mom, is that all the lunch we get?"

gbh55_thumb.jpg 9.0K
Flight Practice

gbh36_thumb.jpg 8.2K
Mom and twins

gbh79_thumb.jpg 8.2K
First Launch

gbh80_thumb.jpg 7.4K
First Launch Close

gbh81_thumb.jpg 5.2K
Feeding Time
Most of the nests contain twins with one set of triplets. The survival rate for 2002 has been outstanding with only one loss out of 7 aeries. Juveniles grow rapidly but take weeks to fledge out and fly. Both parents work to feed the chicks and seem to take care to make sure that everybody gets a share. When the chicks wings begin to harden they practice and exercise. When it is close to first flight time, the parents are very deliberate in their take-off's and landings. They seem to be demonstrating just how it is done.

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